About Jonker & Schut

A professional specialist in the food sector

That is what we are. And in particular in the market for processing powdered dairy products. Jonker & Schut, as a specialist, offers a complete logistics and processing package. This package comprises standard solutions and tailor-made solutions that we carry out in-house. What do these tailor-made solutions include? On request by one of our clients, we developed special production lines. We invest in suitable solutions who will support our customers.


Set up as a specialist and forwarder.

It all started in 1987. That was when Jonker & Schut was set up by Fred Jonker and Erik Schut. As a specialist for clearing goods for third parties on departure and on arrival. And also as a forwarder and intermediary for clients in transport issues. One company that had been our client from the very start was active in trading dairy commodities and needed transhipment facilities. When this was put into practice, we soon had a simple blending and packing line.


Growth and development into a specialist

All this provided the foundations for further growth and development into a modern specialist of dairy products. You can now contact us for more than just the production of powdered dairy products. We process the products in bulk, or we can blend and pack them according to your specific wishes. Our own vehicle fleet ensures international delivery for you. As a forwarder, we handle the export documents that you need. And if you want to postpone the transport, it’s no problem! Our warehouses offer space for all your pallet storage and bulk storage.

We have now built up an excellent reputation in the dairy sector and an increasing number of dairy manufacturers and end processors are now among our clients.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We want everything that we do to be done in a responsible way. Both for the environment and for our employees. This is exactly why our mission statement says, explicitly: “Jonker & Schut embraces the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Where possible, we take measures to reduce the environmental burden. We think that good employment conditions and working conditions and regular training and refresher courses for our staff are important.


Examples of CSR actions:

  • We process waste flows under very strict conditions. Plastics, cardboard and paper are disposed of separately, for instance. Our waste processing partner guarantees environmentally-friendly and responsible processing.
  • We have our own vehicle wash for our vehicle fleet. The lorries are largely washed using recycled water. Only 15% of the water used is mains water.
  • We also always factor in the environment where our vehicles are concerned. For example, Euro5 and Euro6 are the minimum emission standard for our lorries.
  • We plan very efficiently. For example, we optimise the number of kilometres driven in relation to the loads being carried.
  • Wherever possible, we assess for each vacancy whether the corresponding workplace is suitable, or can be made suitable, for an employee with a disability.
  • To reduce the use of materials such as paper, ink and envelopes as much as possible, we mostly provide information in digital formats.


If you want tailor-made solutions

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this requires investment. When certain production stages are outsourced to us, we take on full responsibility for those stages, and turn our customer’s fixed overheads into variable ones. We adapt our production line, if necessary. Or we develop and install a new production line for processing dairy products into powder, or other types of products, if required. The required products and semi-manufactured products are always delivered...

Tailor made

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this...

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