Customs broker

As a forwarder, we will eliminate all your worries.

As a customs broker (or customs agent), we can handle customs clearance for you in its entirety. We handle the import and export documents for you, making sure that the goods will be imported, exported and transhipped. Bonded warehousing is possible too.


Benefits of a bonded storage area

Warehousing is a solution when a large proportion of the goods you are importing comes from countries outside the EU. Because we have the right licences, we can store these goods in transit in our bonded customs warehouse.


Your benefit:

You only pay import duties at the moment of import. If goods are re-exported from the bonded warehouse, then you do not have to pay import duties for them.

Jonker & Schut is responsible (AEO status) for the administrative checks of the bonded warehouses. However, one condition is that the administration of the goods can be fully followed and identified.


Proven reliability

Jonker & Schut has:

  • a Sagitta connection
  • an NTS connection
  • an AEO certificate (customs)
  • Authorised Consignor licence
  • Authorised Consignee licence
  • Customs Warehouse C licence

Jonker & Schut handles the following actions for you:

  • Drawing up electronic export declarations (EX D)
  • Drawing up electronic import declarations (IM D)
  • Transit declarations (drawing up and submitting T1, T2L and T5 documents for approval)
  • Ensuring the issue of a Veterinary Certificate
  • Ensuring the issue of a Certificate of Origin (COO)


Need help?

Jonker & Schut helps you with customs clearance as a whole. If you are interested in bonded warehousing or would like more information, please leave your details here and we will contact you within one working day.

Customs broker

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