Processing dairy products

Just ask and we’ll produce it. Your powdered dairy products are bulked, blended and packed or repacked under special conditions in our production line. Warehousing and the transport are fully geared to dairy blended products. And our quality systems and information systems are of course set up to ensure that the most stringent hygiene and food safety requirements are met.


Dairy products: tailor-made blending

We have multiple production units to produce raw materials and semi-finished products. The blending capacity of our units runs to thousands of tons a year. We adapt production lines if necessary, or we develop and install a new production line. This is because we take your specific wishes into account. For example, we can process bags or Big Bags into bulk or the other way round. And we always ensure tailored, just-in-time delivery.


Safe and reliable: the blending process

We blend semi-finished products using various blending systems, each with its own specific advantages. The Nauta blender and the Paddle blender, for example, ensure excellent blending quality and accuracy, whereas the ribbon blender gives thorough mixing too, but needs less time. The semi-finished product is sifted by rotating and vibrating sieves. Metal detectors and magnets remove any metal particles. This creates a semi-finished product that meets the applicable food safety and quality requirements.


Packing or repacking is always possible

Semi-finished products that are not delivered in bulk go to the packing department. They are packed in standard packages or tailor-made packages by fully automatic packing machines. This is done in bags of 5 to 25 kg or in Big Bags delivered in bulk. The machine doses the contents of each bag, ensuring the correct weight.

To ensure optimum traceability, each packing unit is given our EC identification and health mark, the production date and expiry date and the batch number.


Need help?

As a specialist, Jonker & Schut has a wide range of standard services and provides tailor-made solutions for various clients. If you need a special blend, contact Gert Weijland from the production department. He will ask you about what you want and discuss the optimum solution with you.

If you would like to know more about blending, bulking, packing or repacking a dairy product, please leave your details here and we will contact you within one working day.




If you want tailor-made solutions

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this requires investment. When certain production stages are outsourced to us, we take on full responsibility for those stages, and turn our customer’s fixed overheads into variable ones. We adapt our production line, if necessary. Or we develop and install a new production line for processing dairy products into powder, or other types of products, if required. The required products and semi-manufactured products are always delivered...

Tailor made

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this...


If you are looking for storage space for your goods, we have several large warehouses...

Specialist of Transport & Logistics

You can contact us for a complete package: production, storage and transport all settled in...