Quality requirements

We guarantee your specific quality requirements

You can trust our company when it comes to optimum quality (for example food safety). Our quality team monitors these requirements. This team also performs the inward and outward checks on all incoming and outgoing batches.


Optimum food safety: our checks

Each incoming batch is sampled. If necessary, we check the raw samples on command in a laboratory in order to guarantee food safety. We carry out various chemical analyses for moisture, fat, proteins, pH, AS and sediment. Checks are carried out before, during and after the production. This way we guarantee the desired quality.


Quality monitoring

Regular inspections are performed under the supervision of the COKZ (Central Body for Quality Affairs in Dairy). An annual audit by the COKZ/NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety) monitors that we carry out the relevant work in accordance with legal standards. The COKZ is authorised to issue certificates for products and intermediates made by Jonker & Schut.


Certified and with quality marks

To guarantee the optimum quality and food safety, we have the necessary quality marks and certificates.


The legislation and regulations that we comply with:

  • LHV 852/2004
  • FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000
  • Animal feed legislation
  • COKZ
  • PDV animal feeds order 2006
  • DHV 183/2006
  • Transport conditions are stated in the AVC (General Transport Conditions) and CMR waybill
  • ADR (European Agreement regarding the carriage of dangerous goods by road)



If you want tailor-made solutions

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this requires investment. When certain production stages are outsourced to us, we take on full responsibility for those stages, and turn our customer’s fixed overheads into variable ones. We adapt our production line, if necessary. Or we develop and install a new production line for processing dairy products into powder, or other types of products, if required. The required products and semi-manufactured products are always delivered...

Customs broker

As a customs broker (or customs agent), we can handle customs clearance for you in...

Processing dairy products

Just ask and we’ll produce it. Your powdered dairy products are bulked, blended and packed...

Specialist of Transport & Logistics

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