Warehouses for storage of your goods, including conditioned areas

If you are looking for storage space for your goods, we have several large warehouses for pallet storage.


Goods storage and pallet storage

The regular storage area offers room for 70,000 pallet spaces, mainly in pallet racks. You can contact us for storage of all conceivable goods. We also have 10,000 pallet spaces for conditioned storage where we keep the goods under optimum conditions using temperature monitoring.


Storage area and food safety

It goes without saying that our pallet storage meets all specific requirements regarding food safety. We offer the following facilities: 

Pest control
To control vermin 

Electronic security
Extensive camera monitoring and access control

Temperature and air humidity control in our storage area


Warehousing and our client portal

We use the latest technology in our warehouses. For example, our shuttle racks roll the pallets to the right location. We record all stored products in our Warehouse Management System. Stock administration is entered into this system at the client level and the batch level. Because we use scanning (e.g. barcodes), we can always trace the stored goods. And you can consult both current and historic data online using the client portal.


Need help?

If you are looking for a storage area that you want to store your goods in, or if you would like to know more or would like to use goods storage in our warehouses, please leave your details here. We will contact you within one working day.

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Conditioned storage

If you want tailor-made solutions

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this requires investment. When certain production stages are outsourced to us, we take on full responsibility for those stages, and turn our customer’s fixed overheads into variable ones. We adapt our production line, if necessary. Or we develop and install a new production line for processing dairy products into powder, or other types of products, if required. The required products and semi-manufactured products are always delivered...

Tailor made

then we can also provide those in addition to various standard solutions. Even when this...

Specialist of Transport & Logistics

You can contact us for a complete package: production, storage and transport all settled in...

Processing dairy products

Just ask and we’ll produce it. Your powdered dairy products are bulked, blended and packed...